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A Walk in the Park (Unbound artist book)

$15.00 USD

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A Walk in the Park is about ’seeing with new eyes.’ It is about imagining another world in this world. When we slow down a bit we have the opportunity to see things that may have gone unnoticed. It is also part of a larger ongoing series titled Skirting the Edges

This is a series of 5 painterly lens-based 4” x 6” photos that are handprinted on 45 lb matte photo paper. Postage and packaging is $2.50 for domestic & international. Ships within 3-5 business days.

The beauty of this series is that you can either frame the prints or keep them loose like an art zine. If you’d like to gift this series, I can write a special note. Just provide the information that you would like included in it.

The images and writing were created in 2014. Yes, the times were very different then. But the need for art and things of beauty are perhaps even more important now than ever. 

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