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La vie bohémienne #3 (Unbound artist book)

$17.50 USD

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Fabulous things do come in small packages! No need to visit an art gallery, unbound artist's books are delivered directly to your mailbox. Leave it in the envelope, treat it like a zine, frame it, put it in a photo album, you're free to enjoy them however you like!

One recent recipient of an unbound art book package said "just looking at the unopened envelope and anticipating what surprises were inside was very exciting!" Like him, you may want to carefully open the envelope as it does form part of the art. 

Each unique package is made individually for you and includes:

- 5 x hand printed 4x6 inch photo montages 
- a handmade original word art piece 
- a unique handmade minute art piece 
- the loving appreciation of a living artist!

There are 3 unbound art book packages in the La vie bohémienne series this is the third in the series.

If you're purchasing a it as a gift, I can add a personalised, hand written note to it and send it directly to the recipient, if you wish. Just let us know what your message is in the notes section of the shopping cart.

Ships worldwide from the artist in New York City, United States.

Price: $17.50 including postage

Thank you for supporting the work of an independent artist. It is very much appreciated.

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