I call myself a backward painter. My palette is the place where I choose to stand with my camera. Taking into consideration light, color, composition and my own state of mind. I look for that which is directly in front of me and which appeals without preconceived notions of what will appear. 

Chance is a big part of my work, whether abstract or street photography. My approach to photography has always been about experimenting, making so-called mistakes, and allowing chance to be part of the process. Chance is an obvious factor with street photography as I am unable to predict many factors.

My abstract photography is very much influenced by painting. Blurring the lines between the two mediums to produce work that draws the viewer into my world to see images without the need to label.

I am currently working with two techniques to create my abstract photography. Double exposures are images produced in close proximity to each other creating what I call an urban bliss. They are typically images that are unlikely to exist in a single frame.

The other technique is intentional camera movement which I call action photography. It is very physical and is often almost like dancing. Motion blurs producing a painted look. It’s about the rhythm of movement while working with the available light, shapes, and color.

I am a licensed New York City tour guide, specializing in street photography workshops and walking photo tours through Shoot New York City. I also teach online and in-person classes in Composition and the Art of Photography, and write a column on photography for Inspired Eye, as well as at Curious Frame.

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