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Information about Leanne Staples, photographer, artist, writer, licensed New York City tour guide and teacher of composition and the art of photography.

Photo by Joshua Evan

Photo by Joshua Evan

New York City Photo Tour Guide 

Leanne Staples has been a photographer for more than 20 years now. When she started out in photography at the age of 12, she spent much time exploring how she wanted to use this new tool of communication. She also made many efforts to find her place in the photography world. To fit in. Only to discover that it’s a man’s world. 

She never gave up on photography. The passion has always existed. Fast forward a number of years she found herself obsessed with architectural and street photography. Two areas that she still pursues. Through numerous experiments, taking chances and so-called mistakes she has really begun to find her niche. Her abstract photography is very much influenced by painting and blurring the lines between the two mediums to produce work that draws the viewer into her world and where the viewer sees it as an image without the need to label it or think of it as a photo. 

Leanne has gained a reputation as a street photographer over the years. Her street work is about the spirit of place. She originally had an idea about becoming an architectural photographer. Without the intention of having people in the frame. One day she lost her patience and continued shooting her compositions with people! She calls that a happy accident! She does both urban and abstract photography.

She teaches online classes in Composition and the Art of Photography from time to time. Contact her for more information.  


Other projects that Leanne is involved in are: