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Photo by Joshua Evan

Photo by Joshua Evan

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Leanne Staples is a photographer, artist and writer. Some of the genres she is currently involved in include urban landscape and street photography, highly manipulated photo-based art and various forms of mixed media art including pigment transfer and intentional camera movement. 

She began her venture into photography at the age of 12 when her father gave her her first camera. Later on she got into street photography before she knew it existed. Leanne had originally started out in architectural photography. She attempted to take “pristine” photos of buildings without people. One day after losing patience with people walking into her shot she gave in to the situation and continued shooting buildings with people. She calls this a happy accident.  She believes that art is always about experimenting, taking chances and making “mistakes.”

Leanne's photo life goes on won 2nd place in a street photography contest hosted by Oxford University Press. Dr. Hostetler (Curator-in-Charge at George Eastman House) explains that Leanne's photo is "An allusion to classic street photography, this photograph gives the viewer the sense of participating in the experience of the street alongside the photographer." 

In 2009, Leanne was one of 4 street photographers involved in a documentary film by Tanya Sleiman on the life and work of photographer Helen Levitt. You can see a short clip of her in action in East Harlem at the end of this video. The other photographers are Maria Szulc Markus Hartel and Dave Beckerman. The film is expected to be completed in late 2014.

Leanne Studied English Literature and Communications at Concordia University in Montréal where she received her BA. She also studied Advanced Video Production at The School of Visual Arts in New York City and 16mm Film Production with Arnold Eagle at The New School in New York City. Once upon a time she had intended on becoming a Director of Photography, which she may still pursue one day. 

Leanne is currently writing her first full length fiction book about the fall of New York City and artists, aliens and drag queens.

She teaches online classes in Composition and the Art of Photography from time to time. Contact her for more information.  Leanne is also a licensed New York City Photo Tour Guide and a member of GANYC - the Guides Association of New York City. You can find more information at Shoot New York City.

Other projects that Leanne is involved in are: