Stand up

Photography is a process. Going out and shooting is one part of the process and perhaps the least time-consuming part of it. I don't often spend nearly enough time cleaning out my photo catalogue! To add to that, I'm a bit behind in scanning my negatives. That's correct. I still shoot film as well! They both have a place in my world. So film is a slower process and I think that it balances that quick shooting and perhaps over-shooting of digital. As well as the instant gratification of digital. There's something about slowing down that I even attempt to use when I shoot digital! Here's a photo that I took with the LC-A+ lomo camera during the Autumn of 2016 on a photo tour for Shoot New York City.


Women's March NYC 21 January 2017

I was out giving a photo tour of Williamsburg, Brooklyn photo tour today. AND I was hoping that when it was finished I would be able to see the Women's March still in action. Was it ever! Tens of thousands of people in New York City were out for it! I managed to get a few photos before the light disappeared. It was exhilarating to see democracy in action. 21 January 2017, New York City.


double your pleasure

Double exposure is something that I enjoy quite a bit. Presently only one of my cameras has the ability to do double exposures. And on occasion when I'm in the mood and in the right neighborhood to do it, I'll spend quite a bit of time on them. I know that I can do the same thing in Photoshop and have a more controlled effect. But I prefer the chance element and creating the image on location. In one particular place. My series Urban Bliss are all double exposures. 


raining in the Bronx

I love photographing in the rain and photographing raindrops! I also love drive-by shooting! I might never have done either of these things if it wasn't for my impatience to get out shooting. Experiments and accidents can yield some good results! Although I've been doing both for quite awhile now, it's always new. The lighting and location are always different. I grab my cameras and go out searching for opportunities. There are many kinds of photographic techniques that we explore on my photo tours. It's really up to you to decide what interests you. The opportunities are limited only by time and imagination! - Raining in the Bronx, January 2017


Shooting in the rain!

Raining in Harlem - Went out shooting in the rain today! Still uploading photos! I do love photographing raindrops and drive-by shooting at the same time. So many elements of chance in plan. No opportunity to do a shot again. And it isn't always easy to get a digital camera to behave when it comes to focusing. To get the raindrops in focus has been something I have had to work hard to achieve. When it works, it works! So I had a fun day shooting. 2 January 2017, New York City.


double exposure at Grand Central

I took my last photos for 2016 today. Mostly double exposures! All kinds of methods of experimenting with photography and utilizing some of the features available on my cameras. I encourage experimentation and not being afraid to make so-called mistakes. Here's to stretching the brain and self-imposed limits on creativity! Happy New Year everyone!


Rainy Days and Photography

I tend to process the majority of my photos in black and white. But there are times and places where the decision is easily to stay with color. Rainy days are perfect for saturated colors! And red walls are often a good reason to not process in black and white. Many people seem to want to only take photos on sunny days. I would not have been able to achieve many of my photos including this one on a sunny day. This photo was taken during a Street Photography Workshop in Chinatown. The next Chinatown Workshop is on Sunday 15 January. Only a few spaces available!


Brighton Beach Station

So many photos and so little time! This photo was taken at a recent Street Photography Workshop in Little Odessa, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. I don't have a workshop scheduled for Brighton Beach yet. But I do have workshops scheduled for Harlem on January 8 and Chinatown on January 15th. I will likely announce February Street Photography Workshops next week. Thanks! Brighton Beach Station, December 2016.