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Coney Island Mermaid Parade

This year will be the 31st annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade and it will be my 7th year of shooting it. It is a rare and fabulous photographic opportunity. The Parade coincides closely with the Summer Solstice. It "was founded in 1983 with 3 goals: it brings mythology to life for local residents who live on streets named Mermaid and Neptune ; it creates self-esteem in a district that is often disregarded as “entertainment”; and it lets artistic New Yorkers find self-expression in public."

The costumes, characters and entertainment are wild, risqué and fun. The Parade is for me the best parade of all the hundreds of parades that New York City hosts each year. By popular request, I will be hosting a photo tour of the Mermaid Parade this year. This tour is limited to 4 people. So if you would like to experience this event with a licensed New York City Tour Guide register soon!