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Review by Nathalie - New York

"I realize time is flying and I didn't take timeto THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your guided of Coney Island and Little Odessa. Two places I didn't know before and I lovedto discover with you! I enjoyed sharing with you and discovered your approach of photography.

I am very grateful to you for allowing me to look at my own pictures with new eyes and being less strict about those that were (to me) not perfect. Thank you for your advise, forencouraging to dare going "out of the box of own criteria" pushingmy limits! 

Thank you for making mecomfortable with my own sensitivity! I needed all thatand with Coney Island and Little Odessa as a back drop, that was perfect! I look forward to Harlem shooting, with you next time. See you soon! Cheers," Nathalie - New York