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Composition and the Art of Photography Classes

Everyone owns a camera now. Photos, snapshots of what people had for lunch, their pets etc abound. So, anyone can take a photo, but does that make everyone a photographer? More importantly, how do you take photos that go beyond that basic snapshot? How do you up your game?


"Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph." – Matt Hardy


I teach Composition & the Art of Photography classes online on a one-on-one basis. The classes include developing your own style, understanding the basic "rules" of composition, what makes a photograph compelling, reading a photograph, training your eye, weekly photo assignments and portfolio review. The classes are designed to help you become more confident of your work and to creatively explore possibilities to express your vision.

Classes are designed for all levels and include all styles of photography for both film and digital cameras. They are tailored towards your individual focus. The series consists of 7 half hour weekly sessions for $150. If you are working on a specific project we can extend the classes to assist you in completing your project. For more information email me at

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Some Reviews...

Mike wrote: "I have done several online portfolio review/photography workshops and one in person NYC photography workshop with Leanne. It amazed me how quickly she could tell exactly where I was at and what areas needed work. Through years of experience she has refined photography to the essentials and was able to translate that in our sessions. Her knowledge of composition, simple and intuitive techniques, and the city itself make her a valuable asset to the photography community. I will continue to use and highly recommend her as a mentor, instructor and friend."

Jason wrote: "A big thanks to Leanne Staples, who's been mentoring me each week via Google + Hangouts as I grow as a street photographer. I've certainly learned a lot about composition and grown as a photographer with her help."