Skirting the Edges is a story about artists, aliens and drag queens living in a very changed world. 

It is a love story and a journey that challenges us to dare to be ourselves and to live life dangerously.

My story has many pieces. And like a shapeshifter, it takes on many different forms.

It includes written word, original prints, mail art, visual poetry, unbound and bound artist books 

and experimental film collaborations with the very talent artist, Joshua Evan.

There are many more pieces that will be included on a regular basis and be certain to check out my shop. So stay tuned.

The future is every thing
Baroque stories
Skirting the Edges - Intro
A Delicious Tease
comme d'habitude mixed media
Biographical Revisions on Auto
Of Forgotten Dreams
The Guests
The Outsiders
A Door Opening
La vie bohémienne
A Circular Image
Three Words
To go by lulling
comme d'habitude
a circular image
comme d'habitude (Zine)
gorgeous (fucking) mystery
an abbreviated spectacle (Zine)
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